Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Identity Theft: Digital PickPockets…

Pickpockets sound familiar… But there is something new called digital pickpockets…

Technological developments that were designed to make our life more convenient have been hijacked and are used against us. Digital Pickpockets are example to such. These pockets can steal your money, without your debit or credit card ever leaving your side. Though we get smarter

Here's how digital pickpocketing works. First, the thief constructs a wireless RFID reader. With the right apps and updates, many Android phones can serve the purpose. Next, the thief runs their software and waits for the reader to come into a range of an RFID-enabled credit card, a process sometimes called RFID skimming. Most credit cards in the U.S. don't have RFID chips, but for the ones that do, readers within range can pick up the wireless signals transmitted when that card is being used to make a transaction. The thief could be the person immediately behind you in line, sitting on a nearby bench, or pretending to shop a few yards away. 

The newest smartphones are making it easy for thieves to steal and use stolen credit cards. Since they are "NFC" or Near Field Communications enabled. NFC is form of RFID technology that takes advantage of both transmitting and receiving data via the smartphone. NFC enabled phones have the ability to read the data on microchip credit card. The swiping of credit cards while purchasing also increase the chances…

These are the steps that be can taken to protect ourselves…

Special wallets that use aluminum foil can block these radio frequency signals, but the threat remains very real… Make it a habit to review your credit card and bank statements at least once a month.
Get in touch with your credit card issuers to find out whether your cards have the RFID chips. If so replace it immediately. Avoid credit cards with Radio Frequency Identification chips as they could be susceptible to digital pickpocketing.  If you see any unusual transactions, contact your Credit Card Company or bank. Hack proof jeans and blazers are on their way to keep digital information safer…  Anyways taking precautions is better….

Now a days most of our railway / metro cards are  RFID cards, therefore its very easy to swipe and go. The main risk in this card are they can easily copy or create a duplicate card and use it.

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