Saturday, February 07, 2015

Is Our Gravity Artificial...!!

In paper, gravity means constantly increase / decrease in acceleration.  But it seems to be most difficult to create this in outer space.  You might think that there was almost zero gravity in space station….. No, space station also experience almost same gravitational pull toward earth as we feel here on earth, of course it’s not same. In space station we feel zero gravity because its constantly falling down towards earth, but it will not reach the earth because of its horizontal velocity and earth curvature. So infact here we create artificial zero gravity….Isn’t  ?????????.

So I think it’s not tooooo difficult, it’s just how we think…….

Most popular vision on artificial gravity is a rotating wheel space station which is a hypothetical wheel-shaped space station that rotates about its axis, thus creating an environment of artificial gravity. Its seems to be not practical in every situation, because its limit the speed of space ship.

Now new research showing that its possible to create gravity using Magnetism. And they manage to levitate a live frog inside a 32 mm diameter vertical bore of a Bitter solenoid in a magnetic field of about 16 teslas.

Space adaptation syndrome occurs in humans and animals if they live in a zero gravity area. Over a long time this leads to bone density decreases, which may be permanent. To avoid these ARTIFICIAL GRAVITY is being proposed for many years and science fictions have been portrayed it. Scientists are developing it to create gravity of varying strengths in a zero or low gravity environment. It is generated using different forces, especially centripetal force and linear acceleration. It’s really helpful for astronauts on spaceships for their long term space travel, for ease of mobility etc. it also helps to avoid the adverse of long term health effects such as weightlessness.

Please give your suggestion on gravity.....................


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