Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Why Memsen prefers UWB over Bluetooth for its wireless file sharing solutions?

  • Memsen Corporation is building a complete wireless file-sharing platform which will benefit by Ultra- Wideband technology due to its many advantages over Bluetooth technology.

  • UWB has the capacity to handle very high bandwidths required to transport multiple audio and video streams in “Real-time” between different UWB enabled devices, while Bluetooth lacks high data-rate - only 1Mbps maximum under ideal conditions, which is not enough for media rich content.
  • “Real-time” means almost zero time delay in transferring Mega bits of information - our products line includes a KEY-CHAIN type peer-to-peer file sharing device which will specifically focus on media rich file sharing and aims to take advantage of high data-range of about 450 Mbps (within short range) provided by UWB technology. With the help of UWB, Memsen can offer “instant file-sharing solution” to millions of people and explore the whole new world of wireless connectivity. Obviously Bluetooth doesn’t have enough capabilities to handle instant transfer of huge information that UWB is very good at. Memsen will be able to provide low cost solution to millions of people with the help of UWB implementation. This technology promises very low battery power consumption compared with Bluetooth which is critical aspect for Memsen’s peer-to-peer file sharing KEYCHAINS, users will be able to keep their devices live without battery replacement for days and enjoy freedom of information exchange with complete peace of mind.
  • We at Memsen believe in next generation wireless marketing solutions which can provide “Real-time” connectivity & data-transfer for our wireless marketing products. “Real-time” means instant data transfer between our data vendor products irrespective of size of data. Only UWB technology has that potential to fulfill our dream of connecting advertising industry with millions of people instantly, and efficiently.
  • UWB provides capability of data-transfer with effective range of up to 25 meters compared with rival Bluetooth technology which offers effective range of only about 10 meters. Advertising industry can have a huge benefit using UWB enabled Memsen’s data vendor chain of products to reach millions of people efficiently, and with complete surety of reaching potential customers. Bluetooth solution for our data vendor chain of products is not feasible due to its connection time delay, interference issues, higher battery power consumption and poor communication range compared with UWB. We at Memsen believe in user satisfaction and it can only be achieved using UWB technology in our products.
  • UWB provides spatial capacity of >1000 Kbps/m2 compared with about 30 Kbps/m2 with Bluetooth technology. Higher spatial capacity means capability to allocate higher bandwidth in given area, which is one of the main aspects of data vendor chain of products. With higher spatial capacity, advertising company can reach more number of people simultaneously without increasing cost and amount of time spent.
  • UWB technology is also considered as replacement of USB and fire wire standards. USB is a high speed PC connectivity solution whereas firewire (IEEE 1394) is high speed consumer connectivity solution. UWB is considered as a technology that can bridge the divide between these two standards and hence can be used as replacement of USB and fire wire. Memsen’s vision is to develop wireless file sharing platform based on UWB technology which can enhance users’ experience with wireless connectivity solutions and provide complete freedom of having the very new technology in their own pocket.

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