Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A quick overview of other WPAN/WLAN technologies

  • WI-FI (802.11a, b, g) – Wireless LAN technology is not new to us. It is been in the market for some years and now it is seen as mature wireless LAN solution that replaced Ethernet cables in many office and home networks. Ethernet provides 100 Mbps connection while Gigabit Ethernet is much more. Not comparable with Ethernet data-rate, WI-FI struggles to provide good data-rate for bandwidth hungry applications in LAN environment. Memsen envisions providing WPAN solution which can deliver instant sharing of multimedia content. WLAN technologies are much better for LAN environment where network connectivity is more important than peer-to-peer file sharing. With maximum data-rate of 11 Mbps (802.11b), 22 Mbps (802.11a) and 54 Mbps (802.11g), WLAN is still not capable enough to handle major requirements of Memsen’s Click N’ Share KEYCHAINS and Datavendor – provide high data rate with instant connectivity.

  • Zigbee – With effective Communication range of 20 meters and data-rate of about 40-240 Kbps, Zigbee is a new upcoming technology for short-range wireless communications. With low power consumption and less cost compared with Bluetooth and WI-FI, Zigbee is a promising technology for applications which are NOT too much bandwidth hungry. Memsen’s products will be designed for multimedia file sharing and instant connectivity which Zigbee can not promise. Range will be an issue for Memsen’s datavendor products with Zigbee technology, whereas data-rate will be the main issue with Click N’ Share KEYCHAINS. Hence Memsen can not use Zigbee as a replacement for UWB; however UWB is the only viable solution for Memsen’s products, with such a wonderful technology. Memsen can reach millions of people instantly and efficiently.

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