Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Maxim / Dallas 1-Wire bus


1-Wire® is a simple control network system developed by Dallas/Maxim. It allows one signal wire to carry both operating power and signal. 1-Wire® devices aim to lower system cost and simplify design with an interface protocol that supplies control, signaling, and power over a single-wire connection. One wire is enough when ground is provided on some means. Usually the network is built using a wire pair where one wire caries the signal+power and the other wire is ground. The system is quite sensitive to the right timing to operate well.

A variety of identification, sensor, control, and memory functions are available with this interface. Those chips are available in traditional IC packages, ultra-small CSPs, and stainless-steel-clad iButtons®.

App Note 158: 1-Wire Tagging with XML - This document will present a 1-Wire® Tag format in XML that describes the associations, groupings, and sensing operations. The 1-Wire Tag can be thought of as data that can reside in a traditional database, a file on a hard drive, or even in the memory of a 1-Wire device. The data indicates the purposes of the 1-Wire device(s), their locations, and specific software classes to service and control them. By carrying the 1-Wire Tag with a cluster of 1-Wire devices, the cluster can be self-describing and self-configuring when presented to a new master application.
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Maxim App Note 191: DS2890 and Fluorescent Lighting Control - The 1-Wire bus provides the multidrop-networking scheme which can be used for lighting control systems. This document describes an example lighting control system based on a 1-Wire network with DS2890 digital potentiometers.
Maxim/Dallas 1-Wire® devices
SIMAT iButton 1-Wire Hub - The HUB is designed around the DS2409 microlan coupler chip, this is basically a software controlled switch that has two switchable 1-wire outputs (main and aux) these outputs can be controlled using three basic commands, Smart on Main, Smart on Aux and All Lines Off.
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