Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Manufacturers of Serial EEPROM Chips


Atmel has data sheets on-line for most of their EEPROM and microcontroller products. They have also added example 8051 code similar to the code below, as well as for I2C parts they offer.

National Semiconductor has lots of data sheets on-line. I used their 93CS46 data sheet to write the code. Their literature number is 800-272-9959... or at least is was some time ago when I put their sticker on my phone.

MicroChip now has data sheets on-line for most of their products. They offer the 93C46, as well as a variety of other EEPROMs.

SGS Thompson made the chips I used when I wrote this code. I used the National datasheet to write the code, but the SGS Thompson parts worked flawlessly. They offer quite a few different types of serial eeproms, including of course the 93CS46 and 93C46.

Xicor offers 2-Wire interface and SPI interface serial EEPROMs, but apparantly nothing which will work with the code below. Xicor once had a considerable collection of example code on-line, but they appear to have removed it.

Within the United States, the easiest way to get ahold of a 93C46 is to call DigiKey 800-344-4539 (MicroChip, maybe National) or Mouser Electronics 800-346-6873 (SGS Thompson). Both have a minimum order, appox $25, and these serial EEPROMs are only about $1 each. There are lots of other distributors too, but Mouser and DigiKey are probably the easiest, since they give out a free catalog

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