Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Direct sequence code division multiple access (DS-CDMA)

The ordinary CDMA technology has the disadvantage of identifying the users using the appropriate signature of each user. Since many users tend to use the transmission media, there is always a chance for superimposition of signals that can cause interference in network.The solution for this inconvenience comes in the form of interleaving which separates the users. This special form of CDMA technology offers some of the features of CDMA such as the dynamic channel sharing, mitigation of cross cell reference, asynchronous transmission, ease of cell planning and robustness against fading, apart from the low cost interference cancellation technique available for systems with large number of users in multi path channels. Available with the second and third generation mobile phones, the cost per user of this algorithm is independent of the number of users. Giving a better performance along with the simplicity in usage it can maintain it’s low complexity and high performance even in multi path situations too.

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