Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Compability with other 3-Wire serial EEPROMs


The 93C46 chip should be usable, but care should be taken not to make calls to the functions which access the protection register within the 93CS46. The two extra pins not required for the 93C46 are manipulated by all the routines. To reclaim these pins, remove all the instructions that use "pe" and "pre" symbols. A simpler approach may be to set the bit addresses of these bits in the .equ statements to a bit within the 16 byte bit-addressable space, or perhaps one of the general purpose flag bits in the PSW, if you're not using it. It's up to you. I might make another version of the code specifically for the plain 93C46, if anyone wants it enough to let me know. Please explain the difficulty you have using the code with a 93C46 (or the trouble you think you may have). Early versions of this code worked with the 93C56 and 93C57, which have more memory. Unfortunately, these chips use an 8 bit address field, whereas the 93C46 uses

only 6. The code can be adapted to work with these larger chips... good luck. The early versions are long since gone.. they were buggy anyways.
The code is basically designed to manipulate a single 93CS46 chip, connected to six of the port pins. Two versions of the code are available, one with a little menu driven user interface (via a terminal connected to the UART) and the other with only the routines to include in your existing program. The user interface is simple and shouldn't need documentation. The routines available for your code are:

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